Community Involvement

Local communities are an integral component of all tour programs made by Ecowave Travels. Ecowave Travels does not JUST involve communities or visit local communities during its tour programs. We have worked with these communities for years to develop community based agriculture and tourism initiatives, and we are still in the process of developing the capacities of the communities to receive the tourists in their villages.

For Ecowave Travels, local community is a vital stakeholder of any initiative. We have developed the community based tourism initiative around the organic agriculture and agri-business initiatives carried out by Ecowave and ICEI/OVERSEAS. The local community was actively involved from the planning stage to the implementation stage, and the success we have achieved so far is, first of all, an achievement of our communities.

Ecowave Travels will not organize tour programs which doesn’t feature local communities and those that do not benefit local communities in rural areas. We believe that involving local communities creates a meaningful benefit both for you and for small-scale farmers.